“These products are the BEST. I look everywhere to find excellent sunless tanning options. The brush is luxurious and the solution is soft and gives the perfect shade and glow. Will continue to buy from Sole’ take a look at my tan by sole’ below! I love it! “

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This review will be published on April 25, 2023


I know I am one of the many who has spray tan horror stories;  for example: I came out looking like a pumpkin, I was still dripping when it was finished, I smelled disgusting. When I read about Spray di Sole and their organic formula with no odor or orange color I was excited to try them out! I couldn’t have been happier with my tan it looked completely natural and you could not tell nor smell it!!


Mary Solorano

Spray di Sole hands down is the best spray tan company! Whenever I have an event or party to attend I always goes to them. They give me the most beautiful tan and all my friends are jealous when we take pictures because I look like a bronzed goddess!


Janelle Smith

When I read Spray di Sole’s motto “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” It caught my attention. I have always had low self esteem and been insecure about my body. When I got my spray tan I was shocked how it transformed my body!! I looked 20lbs lighter and had a wonderful glow. I get a spray tan for me and I am so much more confident now.


Jennifer Louis

I have tried numerous spray tan companies and when I went to Spray di Sole I was hooked! The staff was great, Svetlana the owner told me how the formula is organic and manufactured especially for them so I know that it is one of a kind and the best there is!!


Sandra Romero

Not only does Spray di Sole give the best organic spray tans but they also have amazing products to keep up your tan! My favorite is the liquid bronzer, it comes with a brush applicator and I use it on my face instead of makeup and on any areas of my body that need to be touched up so I extend the beautiful look of  the tan even longer!


Kaylee Hifi

Spray di Sole is the most amazing high end spray tan company I have ever been too. The staff is great; the formula is organic and made specifically for them it is the best of the best yet still affordable!! Not only will you get the most beautiful golden brown tan at Spray di Sole but they can also contour your stomach and cheekbones! Even enhance the look of your cleavage if you want!


Mary-Kate Manning

My husband used to hate when I got a spray tan because he couldn’t stand the smell of it so would always tell me not to go. When I tried out Spray di Sole he had no idea I went and got sprayed because he couldn’t smell a thing all he kept doing was commenting on how beautiful I looked!! Their spray tan’s are organic and have no odor so you do not have to breathe in disgusting chemicals!


Julie Robinson

I love Spray di Sole because of how they look and make me feel! Confidence is beautiful and after I get a tan I feel so amazing! I walk out of the salon feeling like a whole new person and I notice I attract a lot more good attention as well!


Chloe Rose

Spray di Sole is the best spray tan company I have ever been too! They also sell amazing homemade products like lip sugar scrub, wonderful smelling exfoliators and more!


Megan Jones

I knew I was sold on Spray di Sole when they were able to spray on abs for me!!


Cruz Washington

At Spray di Sole the staff is super friendly and professional. My biggest pet peeve was whenever I went to other spray tan salons and the workers would not be friendly or make me feel uncomfortable so I would shy away from getting a spray tan. I love Spray di Sole because they are so welcoming and make you look and feel great!!


Summer Amarou

If you want a gorgeous bronze custom airbrush tan with no “spray tan” odor then I highly suggest you go to Spray di Sole Studio City!!!


Bailee King

I have tried the spray tan machines and they never work, I come out uneven or orange or just messy!! I was so happy when I found out that Spray di Sole provides a custom tan by a spray tan technician and even happier with the amazing results! Never will I go back to Mystic I believe custom is the only way.


Laura Thompson

If you are looking for the best high end spray tan company then look no further then Spray di Sole! I promise you will get the best spray tan you have ever seen and be hooked for life! Affordable, professional, organic, odor free and gorgeous… need I say more!?


Erin Harrison

I was an avid tanning bed user and starting to gain all the terrible repercussions from it; wrinkles, sun spots, etc… I went to Spray di Sole because I was done damaging and aging my skin and the spray tan I got was simply beautiful! I found a healthy organic alternative that will not damage my skin.


Christine Johanson

I went into Spray di Sole looking pale and sickly, 20 minutes later I came out looking bronzed and beautiful… I really felt like the tan brought me to life!!!


Tatum Sarrozola

I am running for the Miss California pageant and any time I have an event or photo shoot I always go get a spray tan from Spray di Sole! Nothing says “California girl” like a beautiful golden tan!!


Erica Moore


I love going to Spray di Sole to get my tan but sometimes I get so busy and caught up with work I cannot make it as often as I would like especially if I want touch ups or my face darker so I was excited when they told me about a liquid bronzer they have for the face and body! It comes with a little brush and it fits in your purse and I always use it to touch up my tan or even wear it on my face instead of makeup! I highly recommend this product.


Ashleigh Luther

I hate to wear face makeup because it clogges more pores and I do not like the cakey look, but I do it because I like to look fresh and tan so I usually put on powder and bronzer. Last time I was at Spray di Sole they showed me this liquid bronzer set that they have that comes with a brush applicator than you can apply to your face and I fell in love! It gives you a great bronze glow on your face and you don’t even need makeup which is great because my boyfriend hates foundation!

Kate Dahl

My face and chest never tan as good as the rest of my body and I feel like I need to touch it up sometimes so Spray di Sole told me about a product that they have called Sun Gelee. It is a portable face and body bronzer made with DHA so it lasts! It looks great and I use it for my face, neck, and chest and if I see any areas that need to be touched up. Now I can maintain my tan along with my busy schedule!


Mary Carrier

I am always out in the sun so my arms and legs everywhere always get a super dark tan but my face does not! I go and get a spray tan at Spray di Sole to even out but sometimes my face needs a bit more touch up to keep up with me being outside all the time so I fell in love with their Sun Gelee product that is a self tanner for your face and body and it produces the most amazing bronze color that matches the rest of my body! If you haven’t tried it yet make sure you do I garuntee you will love it!


Priscilla Olgas

I tend to get my spray tan at Spray di Sole before I leave on vaction for a period of time so I wanted something that is portable that I could take with me for touch ups,  I went in for my tan and they suggested I try out their liquid bronzer set that they sell, it comes with a bronzer, brush applicator and a mini bottle of solution as well that goes in your purse. It is great for travel so you can keep your tan up to date and touch up and areas that you need!


Kimberly Thompson

I am obsessed with their Sun Gelee product! It’s a self tanning gel that makes my face look so amazing and tan I just love it! It can also be used on your body so I use it on the areas that need to be darkened or just to show off specific features. I use the Bronzer everyday on my face for glowing, healthy look. I barely wear makeup. Try it you will love it!


Janet Romero

I like to be nice and tan when I go out with friends but I work full time so I do not want to look funny showing up at the office with a perfect tan when they know all I do is sit at my desk all day haha so I found this product that Spray di Sole sells and it is a liquid bronzer for your face and body that you can apply for an instant tan but then wash off whenever you need to it works perfect. Office worker by day, bronze goddess by night!


Jennifer Gauthier

I love getting my spray tan by Svetlana (Spray di Sole!) The product she uses is amazing! It not only is made by natural ingredients but it makes you look like you have a natural tan, no fakeness! No lines! When I get a spray tan it always puts a smile on my face. I look refreshed, young, and beautiful! It’s an instant antidepressant! Spray di Sole is THE BEST!


Alona Kalvin

Whatever Svetlana mixes into this tanning solution- works wonders- I call it magic potion because in addition to a beautiful glow, it is never orangey or unnatural especially on us very “whities” (that can never have a natural tan no matter how much time we spent in the sun.) I love the colors of the Spray di Sole glow!


Inga Jakobs

Omg, I went in to tryout Spray di Sole because a friend of mine started working there and she told me I need to check it out. I got a tan and absolutely loved it! I was planning on driving home but instead I decided to pay a visit to my boyfriend because I was felt amazing, he loved by tan so much that he bought me a package so I could continue going to Spray di Sole!

Summer Merrida

I was going on cruise to Mexico and I realized how pale I looked in a bathing suit and I didn’t want to stand out amongst the beautiful tans everyone seems to have in Mexico. I paid a visit to Spray di Sole and they gave me the beautiful natural bronze tan I had ever had! I went on my cruise feeling great and looking great,  it has been 4 weeks now and every time someone compliments me on my tan (courtesy of Spray di Sole) I tell them oh thank you I just got back from Mexico 😉

Chloe Williams

I came to Spray di Sole because I had a wedding to attend in Vegas and I did not want to have to wear stockings because I knew it would be warm however my body was not prepared to be exposed I looked like a ghost! I was a little nervous because it was my first time getting a spray tan but the girls were very nice and made me feel so comfortable! I came out with the most amazing tan I had ever had and was shocked how natural it looked considering it is a mission for me to tan no matter how much sun exposure I get! I went to the wedding and wore my little dress and have never felt sexier, thanks Spray di Sole!!

Laura Mansfield

For years I have been using tanning beds and my friends all tell me how horrible it is for my skin and that when I’m 40 I am going to look like I’m 65 with skin of leather! I love to be tan but did not want to keep damaging my skin so I decided to give Spray di Sole a try. I went in and they explained that the solution was all organic and that I will not look orange so I was instantly sold. In just 15 minutes I had the most amazing bronze glow and I couldn’t have been more excited! No more harmful UV rays for me I will stick to the magic natural solution that Spray di Sole provides!

Michelle Robinson

I am a male and I thought that spray tans were something that only girls did. My friends were planning a huge bbq and I had just lost 25lbs from working out like crazy at the gym and I wanted a nice tan to go with it. A friend of mine told me about Spray di Sole and that guys did it as well so I decided to give it a try. I was stoked with the result and it made me look even more tone than before and it was completely natural so nobody even noticed it was a spray and I definitely got a lot of female attention at the bbq.

Chad Sunders

Over the summer I was constantly working in the office so I was unable to enjoy the beach and pool like most of my friends. When I found out that they were planning a huge end of summer “all white attire party” I panicked thinking about how unflattering my white dress was going to look like on my pale skin. I have passed by Spray di Sole a couple times on my lunch break so I decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my bronze tan looked amazing with my white dress! I was definitely not shy in front of the photographer at the party!

Christine Smith

My girlfriend is a frequent visitor of Spray di Sole and I was getting a little jealous of how hot she always looked and how she constantly was getting hit on by guys so I decided to try it out. After getting my tan I realize why she likes it there so much I looked so much more fit and it definitely boosted my self esteem, after she saw the way girls checked me out it made her like me even more.  It is always good to keep your relationship hot!

Brad Perkins

I have always been self conscious about my body and hated summertime because that meant I could not hide under layers of clothes. A friend of mine told me I should try out Spray di Sole and that I would feel much better about my body. I went in very nervous because I realized that they were going to see me but they told me not to worry and made me feel super comfortable. When I saw my spray tan it instantly lifted my spirits and I felt so much better about myself! I saw that their motto was “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” My confidence was boosted and I was no longer afraid to show a little skin. Thanks Spray di Sole!!

Beth Walker